Meeks Oriental Thai Massage

Why Choose Meeks Oriental Thai Massage

We’re committed to ensuring our customers’ relaxation. It will be like your weekend retreat (whether you go solo or you’re with your family). Also, we are experts in traditional Thai massage.

We use a combination of aromatic oil, herbs and specialised techniques to remove muscular tension, spasm and stress. It’s our specialty and we’re dedicated to making customers have the full and unique experience.

Here at Kingsford you always find fellow residents at the park playing and enjoying the outdoors. They do this to relax and forget about work for some time. For the elderly, they also go to the parks and cafes nearby.

Aside from these things, why not try having a fully relaxing massage this weekend? You can try a traditional Thai massage or just a simple foot reflexology and see if it’s right for you. This will be a great addition to your relaxing weekend.

Massage closeup

Meeks Oriental Thai Massage